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Power Soccer AcademyNordic Soccer School

Timber Kings F.C. (Football Club) has partnered with Power Soccer Academy to offer a soccer school here in Felch Michigan!  Coach Sasa Kostic (a former professional soccer coach) and Coach Joe have put together a plan to offer developmental soccer training starting in late August. Here are the details we have worked out so far:

Starts August 22nd

Times:  4:15 to 6:15 for ages 7-13 years old   (students may take the bus from school to the Felch Baseball Field)

Days:  Monday and Friday.  Some days may be different depending upon the week.  Please see the schedule below.

Cost:  $125 (The cost includes 12 hours of practice with Coach Sasa, and 12 additional hours with Coach Joe, as well as admittance into the player pool to be considered for competitive tournaments with Power Soccer Academy).  Tournaments would be extra.  The cost for players in Felch works out to 5 dollars per practice.

Practice Dates and times:  (Subject to change based upon weather and tournaments and other conflicts).

  • With Coach Sasa and Joe – Aug 22, 27 (Sat), Sept 16, 23; Oct 7, 14, 21
  • With Coach Joe – Aug 29, Sept 14 (Wed), 19, 26, Oct 3, 10, 17

Fall Schedule

This is a great opportunity for our small community to get professional coaching at an incredible cost!  I understand that soccer is new to our area, but there is great potential for our community especially with the younger players.  I could see having a co-ed travel team in a couple of years, or even a boys and girls team if we grow.  There could even be High School level play in the next few years against Escanaba, Kingsford, Marquette, Ispheming, Manistique and Houghton.

If we can put together the numbers we could even play a game against local teams from Iron Mountain or Escanaba.  There is even the possibility of getting some indoor practice and play at the FMBC Gym in the winter.

Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in doing.  Call or Text 906-236-0505, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Only dedication gets you where you want to be. 
Shoot for the stars and dare to dream. Smallest club in Michigan breaks into top 3 in Michigan and 25 in Region 2.
Humility and Hunger. 


Congratulations to our PSA down state team and amazing Coach Norman Power for huge success .
Our boys advanced in the group of 8 best teams in Michigan state.
We wish them best of luck in the State Cup competition. 


Great weekend of soccer in Appleton! We took home second in the U15 bracket. The kids left it all on the field. 
Both U11 and U15 teams took Tysen's #9 jersey onto the field with them, made a spot for it on the bench, had a moment of silence and took home a trophy for him! Forever a teammate! #PSA

"Success is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence and sellf confidence , intelligent planning, knowledge and experience."  S. Kostic

Congratulation to Norman Power and PSA 1999 boys .

The 6th  ranked team in Michigan



Congratulation to  Mason Smith.    Way to go Mason .



About Marquette

Marquette was founded by Amos Harlow and his expedition leader Peter White. The city was originally named Worcester (pronounced WOOS ter; the “or” spoken like the “oo” in book), after Amos Harlow’s hometown, Worcester, Massachusetts. It is now named for the French explorer Jacques Marquette. Marquette has always been a shipping port for hematite ores and now enriched iron ore pellets from nearby mines and pelletizing plants. The city includes several small islands (principally Middle Island, Gull Island, Lover’s Island, Presque Isle Pt. Rocks, White Rocks, Ripley Rock, and Picnic Rocks) in Lake Superior. The Marquette Underwater Preserve lies immediately offshore. A regional medical center, Marquette General Hospital, serving much of the Upper Peninsula is located in the city. Marquette Mountain, used for skiing, is located in the city, as is the majority of the land of Marquette Branch Prison. Trowbridge Park (an unincorporated part of Marquette Township) is located to the west, and Marquette Township to the northwest of the city.

Marquette is home to the largest wooden dome in the world, the Superior Dome. Northern Michigan University owns the facility and holds its home football games there. The dome also hosts numerous private and public events which draw in thousands from around the region.The area in and around the city is the legendary home of the Marquette Monster, which is depicted at the top of the Old City Hall plaque.

South of the city, K.I. Sawyer AFB, was an important Air Force installation during the Cold War, host to B-52H bombers and KC-135 tankers of the Strategic Air Command, as well as a fighter interceptor squadron. The base closed in September 1995, and is now home to the county’s Sawyer International Airport. In 2004, President George W. Bush made a campaign stop in Marquette, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to visit Michigan’s 

References: Retreived from (

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Training Schedule

 Training schedule  

Above the line & Parent corner

 Above the line & Parent corner
Above the line  The coaching doesn’t mean only education. I think that coaching is something that we have to learn...

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Congratulations on being accepted into the APC Premier Cup - Boys Full Sided. 
WEBSITE: We will post brackets, schedules,...
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PSA School Marquette

PSA  School Marquette
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PSA School -Felch

PSA School -Felch
  Power Soccer AcademyNordic Soccer School Timber Kings F.C. (Football Club) has partnered with 



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